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Why Prenatal Yoga Makes Sense Post on CloudMom

IMG_0341Author of BabyWeight book Micky Marie Morrison discusses prenatal yoga and gives 4 great reason pregnant women can benefit from practicing it. Head on over to CloudMom to read the full post.

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Help Fitting Exercise Into Your Already-Crammed Life

woman-exercising-tabata-300x199It seems now that every day is completely booked and finding time to exercise just causes more stress in an already stressful life. With these 4 helpful tips from BabyWeight author Micky Marie Morrison, you could make small changes that have a huge impact. Check them out!

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5 Tips to Planning Your Prenatal Fitness Routine

thinkstock_166625392Many mommas-to-be don’t know where to start when it comes to planning their prenatal fitness routine, but Baby Weight author and physical therapist Micky Marie Morrison is here to help with 5 tips to ensure that the plan is both successful and safe.

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There is No Balance- A Working Mom’s Truth

with rosie

Micky Marie Morrison, author of BabyWeight: The Complete Guide to Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness caught up with Maternity fashionista and reality TV star Rosie Pope in Tampa Nov. 15, 2013

I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with maternity fashionista and mompreneur, Rosie Pope, a couple of weeks ago. Rosie kindly joined a small group of entrepreneurial women to share her experiences in an informal and intimate setting. She was candid about her struggles as a working mother with three small children ages 1.5 to 5 years and another on the way.

Rosie, known for her Bravo reality TV show Pregnant in Heels, owns three maternity boutiques which bear her name, two in Manhattan and one in LA. She not only travels coast to coast for her businesses, but also has a busy public speaking calendar, attending maternity and baby expos all over the country constantly.

When asked: Do you ever think about just throwing in the towel? She replied, “Almost every day. This is the time I want to be with my children, when they need me the most. And it’s also the time my business is growing and needs me the most. I know I can’t quit, but I definitely want to sometimes.”

When asked how does she balance a successful and growing business with her life as a mom to three small children, she said, “Balance? There is no balance. It’s really hard to be an entrepreneur with small children.” Rosie went on to relate with the other moms around the table that we do the best we can as mothers and as professionals, and that is good enough. It has to be.

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Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power- Micky Marie Morrison’s Bump post


Did you know that your choices and habits during pregnancy can affect your babies brain function for years after birth? In this informative post from The Bump, Baby Weight author and physical therapist Micky Marie Morrison shares tips on boosting baby’s mental capacity while still in the womb.

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