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Baby Weight: Your Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Plan

Baby Weight provides a comprehensive wellness strategy for expectant and new mothers to help manage their baby weight. You will learn how to incorporate a healthy diet and regular exercise into your daily routine to make it part of your lifestyle rather than a chore. Learn to build your own nutritious and balanced diet through conscious food choices during and after pregnancy with Baby Weight’s seven practical and easy-to-implement nutrition principles.

Managing your baby weight depends not only on diet, but also on performing the right kind of exercise. Baby Weight teaches you to combine a variety of everyday cardiovascular training activities with the CoreMama™ exercises which isolate the exact muscles weakened during pregnancy and childbirth, so that you tone all the right spots and burn the calories needed to reduce the extra weight gained during pregnancy.


Use your baby’s weight to help you Lose your baby weight!

Once your baby is born, the postnatal exercises in the CoreMama™ program will teach you to use the resistance of your baby’s weight to regain strength in the core muscle groups weakened during pregnancy.  The progressive and intense program is different than the average pre- or postnatal exercise plan. You will sweat, you will tremble, and you will definitely feel like you have had a workout after doing these innovative exercises that really are fun for you and your baby!

Mom and baby grow stronger together!

The positioning and handling techniques used to integrate your baby into the exercise program were developed by an experienced neonatal and pediatric physical therapist to help stimulate your baby’s gross motor development. The CoreMama™ program’s unique approach to postpartum exercise promotes bonding with your baby while you grow stronger together!