The CoreMama™ exercises: targeting muscles most affected by pregnancy and childbirth

These strengthening exercises, designed by a physical therapist and perinatal fitness educator, focus on the muscles that are overstretched and weakened, while specific stretches increase flexibility in those muscles that tend to tighten and bind. The result: counteracting the postural changes and resulting aches and pains that are common to nearly every pregnancy as well as preparing your body for and helping it recover from that awesome task of giving birth.CoreMama™ targets :

  • the upper and mid-back extensors to diminish the hunchback effect
  • the abdominals and low back extensors to stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine and reduce the lumbar lordotic curve, thereby reducing low back pain and maintaining abdominal muscle tone
  • the adductors and pelvic floor to focus on opening the pelvis for birthing, avoiding urinary incontinence in late pregnancy, and speeding the internal recovery after birth.

The CoreMama™ program is based on principles of yoga, Pilates, and the general common sense approach of strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight. The yogic philosophy of connecting with the breath and surrendering to strong sensation helps expectant mothers loosen tight muscles and connective tissue and establishes the body mind connection, which can help immensely during the childbirth and beyond. The core work derived from Pilates-type mat exercises focuses on strengthening the trunk stabilizers, reducing the risk of low back pain before and after giving birth and conditioning the muscles needed in the pushing stage of labor. A stronger core during pregnancy makes for a faster postpartum recovery of the waistline, guaranteed.

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Continue the CoreMama™ exercises with your baby after giving birth to rapidly recoup your form, providing an opportunity to bond with your baby while taking care of yourself and maximizing the effects of the exercises by using the baby’s weight for added resistance. The positioning and handling techniques used to incorporate your baby into each of the postnatal exercises listed under the “Using Your Baby Weight” heading help enhance your baby’s gross motor development, as the positioning and handling techniques used in integrating your baby into the exercises encourage greater head, neck, and trunk control in your little one. Mommy and baby grow stronger together by regular performance of these exercises.