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81GHw6uHeqL._SL1500_As someone who hasn’t been exposed to many pregnant women and never really thought  it would be something I’d want to learn more about, at least not at this stage in my life, I was rather wary of reading It’s Really 10 Months. However, after reading it that outlook has changed for the better. Kim, Natalie, and Celeste are three pregnant friends who chronicle their journeys as soon-to-be-moms in a way that is both humorous and heartfelt.

The layout of the book is unique, told through emails the friends send to one another with the occasional “Delivering the Truth” (extremely honest tidbits about pregnancy) and also a “Dr. Bob Says” section, which I found to be extremely helpful with the more technical terms sometimes discussed in the emails. As I said, I have little experience so it was refreshing to have the things explained right away, by someone who is clearly a professional and yet can still admit that women will always know more.

The characters all have different backgrounds that I feel a lot of women today can relate to. Celeste is pregnant for the second time while Kim and Natalie are both having their first. Kim does have some experience by being a stepmother to two young boys though. Portraying their various situations and discussing the similarities and differences they were experiencing during pregnancy, such as weight gain in different areas, stretch marks, and mood swings, allows the reader to experience it themselves. I especially enjoyed the way they even shared the embarrassing stuff, such as leaking breasts and inhaling a massive amount of Taco Bell. The honesty is refreshing in a world with many pregnancy books addressing the “glow” that it brings and not the real deal.

In fact, the overall theme of being honest about pregnancy was what really made this book engrossing. Creating a new life is beautiful, of course, but it is also messy and full of fears for a life other than your own and I think these women addressed that head on. Natalie, for example, when discovering there was a possibility of her baby having Downs she was terrified but stayed strong and had honest discussions about her fears with her husband and friends. A strong support group is another theme that rings true throughout.

While still keeping to the fact that every woman has different experiences while pregnant, this book both gives women who are pregnant characters to relate to while people like me can have something to learn from. Its lightheartedness makes it a quick, fun read, but it also includes some serious issues many aren’t aware of that take place during and after pregnancy. The fact that anyone can benefit and learn from this book is just the cherry on top of the sundae.


Review by Kadie Van Wormer